ECE/CS 552: Introduction to Computer Architecture

Spring Semester 2004

Table of Contents

Instructor Information

Course Information

    John L. Hennessy and David A. Patterson, Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface, 2nd Edition, Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, 1998.

There will be five homework assignments, approximately one assignment two weeks apart. Some of the assignments will require the use of the Mentor Graphics design automation tools. There will also be a course project that will involve the design of a small CPU. Students will have accounts to run the Mentor tools in CAE.

Some assignments and the project should be done in groups of three students. (When an assignment is handed out, we will indicate whether you should do it alone, or in a group.) Each member of a group is expected to participate in the solution of the entire assignment. All assignments will not be weighted equally. The approximate weight of each assignment will be specified when the assignment is handed out.

All logic diagrams should be drawn using either the Mentor Graphics Tool Suite or other tools capable of producing high quality logic diagrams.

Assignments are due by 5:00 P.M on the due date. No late assignments will be accepted. 

The discussion session is scheduled from 5:00-6:00 PM on Wednesdays in Room 1263 Comp. Sci.   Discussions will be used for question answering, exam review, and covering any topics as requested by members of the class.   On weeks when the discussion session does not meet, the TA will have an additional office hour at the same time.
There will be two exams, of equal weight. Exam I will be in class on Tuesday, Mar. 9, 2004.
Exam II will be during the scheduled final exam slot on Wed., May 12, 2004, at 12:25 PM
Homework     15%
Exam I           30%
Project           25%
Exam II          30%


 Date(s)             Topic(s)                                                    Text Sections
Jan. 20, 22        Introduction; Architecture; Performance    Chapters 1 and 2
Jan. 27, 29        Instruction Sets                                         3.1-3.12
Feb.3, 5            Arithmetic I                                               4.1-4.5
Feb.  10            Datapath Design                                       5.1-5.3
Feb. 12, 17, 19
                         Control                                                     5.4-5.9; Appendix C
Feb. 24, 26       Pipelining                                                  6.1-6.7
Mar. 2              Superscalar processors                             6.8-6.9
Mar. 4              Review
Mar. 9              Midterm
Mar. 25, 30      Cache Memories                                      7.1-7.3, 7.5
Apr. 1              Main Memory                                           7.1; B31-B35; handout
Apr. 6, 8          Virtual Memory                                        7.5,7.6
Apr. 8,13         Arithmetic II                                             4.6-4.10
Apr. 20,22       Input/Output                                             8.1-8.7
Apr. 29            Multiprocessors                                        9.1-9.9
May  4, 6         Catch-up, Review


         Special office hour Wed. May 12 10-11 AM
         Special office hour Tues. May 11 4-5PM  (If my plane is on time!)  -- no office hour 2:30-3:30
         Homework 6 solutions available
         Homework 5 solutions available
         Project Demonstration signup sheet posted
         Homework #6 available -- not to be turned in.
         Project Demonstrations changed to May 3 and 4
         Project report due May 4 at 5 PM
         No Lecture April 27
         Homework #4 solutions, corrected, Apr. 21
         Homework #4 solutions available, Apr. 13
         Homework #5 Assigned, due Apr. 20
         No Lecture April 15 (ahead of schedule)
         Project Specification at Rev. 1.3
         Homework #4 assigned, due Apr. 8
         Project assignment; Mar. 9
         Midterm review slides avaliable
         Exam I, Fall 2003 available
         HW#3 solutions available, Mar. 4
         Special office hour 10-11AM March 8
         No office hour Mar. 2.
         Superscalar lecture slides for Mar. 2
         Project Arch. Rev. 1.1 available (minor revison )
         Homework 3 assigned -- text problems due Mar. 2; project problem due Mar. 4
         No office hours Feb. 17 and 19.
         Prof. Mke Schulte will lecture Feb. 17 and 19.
         Homework 1 solution set available
         Homework 2 assigned -- due Feb. 17
         Project Architecture Specification Available -- Feb. 2
         Homework 1 assigned -- due Jan. 29
         No discussion session Jan. 21
         Jan. 15;  Web page available

Mentor Tools


     Homework 1 assignment; due Jan. 29
     Homework 1 solutions
     Homework 2  assignment; due Feb. 17
     Homework 3 assignment; due Mar. 2
     Homework 3 solutions  
     Homework 4 assignment; due Apr. 8
     Homework 4 solutions
     Homework 5 assignment; due Apr. 20
     Homework 5 solutions
     Homework 6  not to be turned in
     Homework 6 solutions


    Demonstration signup sheet/schedule
    Project Assignment
    Project Implementation
    Project Architecture Specification

Miscellaneous Links

    Lecture 1 slides  
    Exam I, Fall 2003
    Midterm Review slides

    Drawing of  carry lookahead adder
    Drawing of barrel shifter (left shift, zero fill)
    Multi-cycle control slides
    Micro-control dispatch unit
    Superscalar lecture slides
    Instrution cache miss control
    RAM slides
    Multiply/Divide Examples
    Multiprocessor Systems